If you’re resolved to make a difference and gain meaningful experiences, there’s no shortage of impactful and amazing volunteer opportunities in Guatemala, including construction, wildlife and environmental conservation, health and medicine, education and childcare, as well as working with indigenous communities, among others.

Guatemalan communities offer volunteering activities in a sustainable and beneficial way for everyone involved. Immerse yourself in our rich culture, interact with our people, live our traditions and sample our delicious food, while using your free time to explore volcanoes, rainforests, temples, beaches, lakes, and much more.

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Volunteer in beautiful Guatemala, where you can::

  • Experience being part of the Maya culture.
  • Savor Guatemalan cuisine, prepared with original recipes.
  • Learn about the Maya culture in its ancient cities or venture out climbing volcanoes or enjoying water activities.
  • Explore many tourist sites in the area.


Other activities in Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the most modern cities in Latin America and has positioned itself in recent years as a destination for world-class health and wellness tourism services.  The wellness services offered are highly competitive and that’s why the country hosts more and more travelers in search of health sanctuaries.  This is combined with unique scenarios, providing highly qualified and trained personnel who offer a warm and personalized treatment.

You can enjoy all this surrounded by exotic landscapes of forests of millenary trees that gave rise to advanced civilizations that held strong connections with the universe.  You will also enjoy volcanic sand beaches and a privileged climate that allows to experience the scent of flowers, and the aroma of cocoa, coffee and cane to complement the unique sensory experience.  All this and more are the experiences that Guatemala’s atmosphere offers in wellbeing.

Some of the services might be:

  • Natural hot springs
  • Thermal, medical or aesthetic spas
  • Specialized yoga and meditation centers
  • Complementary medicine such as acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic
  • Detoxification
  • Weight reduction procedures with the latest health trends



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