Guatemala is listed among the 19 most mega-diverse countries in the world. This means that a close encounter with exotic wildlife in a green and untamed paradise is within your reach. Its landscapes are a great part of the attraction and adventure tourism can be done any time of the year thanks to Guatemala’s incredible climate. Land, water and air adventures are waiting for you in Guatemala. The most popular activities are volcano climbing, hiking, rappelling, ziplining, rafting, cave tourism, and mountain biking.


Over 34 volcanoes are Guatemala’s playground for exciting adventures. These volcanoes rise tall in 3 ranges 80 to 100 kilometers along the Pacific coast, forming a 380-kilometer border-to-border mountain range. The 13 most popular volcanoes in the country are Acatenango, Agua, Atitlan, Chicabal, Fuego, Ipala, Pacaya, San Pedro, Santa María, Santiaguito, Tacaná, Tajumulco and Tolimán.


Challenging mountain, hill and volcano climbing to extensive expeditions in our jungles will take you on hiking tours of up to 10 days in search of ancient Maya cities. There are no limits to hiking options in Guatemala, providing firsthand contact with the Maya culture and all its wonders in a spectacular backdrop of lush nature and biodiversity.


Rappelling in Guatemala, an extreme recreational sport, is ideal for those who enjoy abrupt descents among a wide variety of geological formations, mountains, volcanoes, cliffs, sinkholes, caves, and walls that are the perfect setting for a challenging experience.


If you want to experience an extreme thrill and zip through treetops, Guatemala offers several options for ziplining while enjoying the breathtaking views and landscapes, amid cloud forests, tropical forests, coffee plantations, lakes and villages. Some lines are as long as 800m long!


Rivers in the heart of dense tropical jungles, surrounded by Maya communities and perfect weather, mingle to create the ideal site for an incredible and unique rafting experience in Guatemala.

Cave Tourism

Guatemala has an impressive cavern system surrounded by exuberant tropical forests and impressive tunnels crossed by rivers and turquoise blue cenotes naturally decorated by stalagmites and stalactites.

Mountain biking

Varying altitudes within small areas makes Guatemala a paradise for mountain bikers. Beautiful volcanoes, extensive valleys, formidable mountains, local culture and historical sites complete the perfect setting for an exciting mountain biking adventure.   Other activities in Guatemala Guatemala is one of the most modern cities in Latin America and has positioned itself in recent years as a destination for world-class health and wellness tourism services. The wellness services offered are highly competitive and that’s why the country hosts more and more travelers in search of health sanctuaries. This is combined with unique scenarios, providing highly qualified and trained personnel who offer a warm and personalized treatment. You can enjoy all this surrounded by exotic landscapes of forests of millenary trees that gave rise to advanced civilizations that held strong connections with the universe. You will also enjoy volcanic sand beaches and a privileged climate that allows to experience the scent of flowers, and the aroma of cocoa, coffee and cane to complement the unique sensory experience. All this and more are the experiences that Guatemala’s atmosphere offers in wellbeing. Some of the services might be:
  • Natural hot springs
  • Thermal, medical or aesthetic spas
  • Specialized yoga and meditation centers
  • Complementary medicine such as acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic
  • Detoxification
  • Weight reduction procedures with the latest health trends