Guatemala conserves biological diversity

Let’s take care of Guatemala

Have you ever wondered how you can help conserve the biological diversity of our country? We present the 4R’s with which we will achieve sustainable tourism.

  1. Reduce

You must take into account that you must generate less garbage, and use less plastic.

San Pedro La Laguna, a town of Sololá, is an example of prohibiting the use of plastic bags, straws and duroport.

  1. Reuse

It is important to extend the life span of the materials, some may be given a second use or look for another type of operation.

The Hospicio San José, in search of creating a park for the children who inhabit it, used tires with different purposes.

  1. Recycle

Separating solid waste such as paper, cans, glass or other is important.

There are different recycling centers in Guatemala where you can take material such as paper, cardboard and others so that they can be recycled and used again.

  1. Reject

Find out more about the manufacturing processes of what you consume and try not to use products that are harmful to the environment.

Try to make the most of the natural light of the sun to carry out your activities.

Facts of the fauna of Guatemala that you did not know

  • Guatemala has 1033 registered fish species
  • In Guatemala you can see more than 700 species of birds
  • When we talk about invertebrate animals we can find 3,770 species
  • You can find 216 species of land mammals
  • In Guatemala we can observe 28 species of aquatic mammals
  • In Guatemala, 32 volcanoes are recognized by the National Geographic Institute
  • Guatemala has 360 micro climates
  • In Guatemala you can find 7 types of forests
  • Four are the most active volcanoes in Guatemala


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