The Mayan civilization flourished in Petén and was the home of this millenary culture whose legacy marks the identity of Guatemala.

The ruins and vestiges of the Mayans continue to impact modern explorers to this day.

In the depths of the Petén rainforest, the summits of mystical Mayan temples stand out. The fusion between the historical heritage and the overwhelming nature of the region place it as one of the most important archaeological destinations on the planet.

Tikal, Uaxactún, Ceibal, Aguacateca, Yaxhá, Piedras Negras and El Mirador, are just some of the places that show the great archaeological wealth that Guatemala has.

The most important visit to know more about the Mayan culture is the visit to the Tikal National Park, since it was one of the most important cities of the Classic Mayan period and today in day is UNESCO’s cultural heritage site.



Tikal has more than 3,000 structures that can be seen between palaces, temples, stelae, Mayan ball game courts, altars and others.

Tikal is considered the most famous natural and cultural reserve in Guatemala.

If you visit the Tikal National Park it is advisable to bring plenty of water, warm weather clothes and comfortable walking shoes as well as sunscreen and insect repellent to make your visit more comfortable and Enjoy it.

Most of the large buildings that can be seen, are grouped in the upper part of the central site, date from the Late Classic Period. That time was the one of greater power and power of Tikal, as well as its development in infraestructra.

The groups of buildings that stand out in the Tikal National Park, for their size and architectural bell have an astronomical and historical connotation.


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