For those who love history and the Mayan culture, Guatemala is an invaluable paradise full of archaeological treasures, since it has great parks and archaeological sites, including one of the most important because of its historical value Tikal National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979.


Guatemala is the perfect country to learn Spanish, since the mixture of professional schools and Guatemalan hospitality facilitates the practice of the language, besides being one of the destinations with better intonation.


If swimming with sea turtles or exotic fish species are an interest for your trip, Guatemala has coasts in the Caribbean and peaceful where you can find underwater wealth.


Because of the privileged location of the country, Guatemala enjoys a perfect climate and beautiful landscapes to practice this sport, near La Antigua Guatemala with a view to the Agua Volcano is a unique opportunity to practice it.


Flying between treetops, enjoying beautiful scenery is achieved through Canopy, Guatemala has many parks that offer this service, including Jalapa where you can also enjoy bridges pendants One of the most famous is located in Atitlan due to its height and distance, making it the most extreme in the country.


With 19 climates, 300 microclimates and 33 volcanoes, Guatemala is considered one of the countries with the greatest biological wealth in the world and if you like adventure, you can camp and have unique contact with nature.


Guatemala has different ecological reserves and different national parks, where you can enjoy the walk in the open air, with different difficulties for the taste or the desired challenge.


In Guatemala there are many rivers, with different flows, however we can find some where to practice this extreme sport and make the adrenaline rise to the maximum, one of them is the Cahabón River.

Sport Fishing

Because of its location Guatemala is an ideal country for sport fishing, especially for fishing and release of sailfish, you can experience up to 40 bites in high season.

Whale Watching

Thanks to the location of Guatemala, from November to April it is possible to see humpback whales a few minutes from the Pacific beaches, these accompanied by schools of fish and dolphins that make the trip An unforgettable experience.


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